Programs & Initiatives

From economic impact studies to workforce training, LAIA member companies are actively involved in the development and participation of studies, ongoing research and community communication.

CAERThe Community Awareness Emergency Response group, known as CAER, is designed to keep the community informed should an emergency occur at an area industry site.
Economic Impact
The petrochemical industry in Southwest Louisiana is one of the key pieces in the areaís strong economy. Local industries are the source for approximately 60 percent of all full-time jobs in the area.
Environmental ImpactThe goal of every business is to be profitable and staying within recommended safety guidelines is the key to being productive and profitable. Itís good for business and itís good for the environment.
Shared Training Program By assisting in the skill development of existing employees, the LAIA Shared Training Program can help strengthen an industriesí most valuable resource: its people.
Toxic Release Inventory ProgramThe Toxic Release Inventory Program, or TRI, is a joint effort between industries and local, state and national regulatory agencies, providing communities the facts about certain toxic chemicals released into the air, water and land.
Workforce DevelopmentBecause local industry is such a strong employer in Southwest Louisiana, the need for a skilled workforce is ongoing.



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