Workforce Projections

Industry Workforce Projections Announced

Lake Area Industry Alliance has released industrial workforce projections of positions in greatest demand within LAIA member companies as well as estimates of their future hires based on industrial expansions in Southwest Louisiana.

The estimates were compiled based on announced expansions, as well as anticipated retirements throughout area industries. "We wanted to have concrete numbers of how many employees were actually hired and estimates of what each LAIA member company anticipates for the near future,” explained Larry DeRoussel, executive director of LAIA.

The projection highlights the three main categories of industrial jobs: maintenance, operations and professional, and their projected growth in the next three years. By 2018, new hires for maintenance are estimated at 245; operations ,995; and professional, 205.

"This workforce projection was done for several reasons,” explained DeRoussel. "It helps training facilities prepare programs to meet the future workforce needs of area industry; it helps each industry see the larger picture of industry needs as a whole; and it gives the public a look at what fields will be hiring in the near future.”

"Training is required for all of these positions, whether it is learning a skill or earning an associate’s or bachelor’s degree,” DeRoussel said. "Now is the time to get trained, as many skilled training programs last a year or two. In many jobs, experience is needed once the training is complete.”

Only full-time positions of members within the LAIA were included in the workforce projection. There are 24 members of LAIA. The current total of full time employees in LAIA member companies is 6,400.

A complete list of the membership can be found here.



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